Apr 23, 2012

enjoying art around Shibuya

Hello,this is tomoko from Shimbashi Business Garden.

How's your weekend?

I went to Shibuya to see Leonardo da Vinci's art exhibition.
This exhibition is now being held until Jun 10 at Bunkamura The Museum.
(Bunkamura The Museum HP:

I enjoyed seeing many pictures there and especially the exhibition of  Mona Lisa painted by different people was really interesting. Although I've visited Louvre Museum in France and saw the Mona Lisa, I didn't know that there are many paintings of Mona Lisa.

If you're interested in arts and music,you can enjoy the town around Shibuya well,I think.
We recommend Desigh Festa Gallery Harajuku,located at Harajuku,near Shibuya.
You can find this colorful building and enjoy art.

(desigh festa gallery HP:

If you'd like to rent an office around Shibuya,we recommend,of course,Business Garden Shibuya.

see you next week.


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