Apr 24, 2012


Hello, everyone!
How are you doing?
This is Rumi from the Shibuya Business Garden.

Have you ever heard about Hyuga-Natsu?
It's a kind of orange harvested mainly in Miyazaki in Kyusyu.

The uniqueness of this particular fruit is, we enjoy the white part between fruit and peel.
So you just peel it carefully just like you peel an apple.

One of my dad's friends in Miyazaki has been sending Hyuga-natsu every year of this season.
He used to buy them but now his own Hyuga-Natsu trees got big enough to bear nice fruits,
he started sending what he has harvested.
Aren't they pretty?

They have very refreshing and nice flavor.
This is the fruit always make me realize that summer is around the corner!

Hope you have a smooth week.

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