Oct 28, 2016

【Yotsuya area information】Donmaru

Hi,this is Sakura from Shinjuku Business Garden.

I went to a seafood bowl shop called donmaru for lunch when I was working at Yotsuya branch.
There are many many shops and restaurants around Yotsuya BG and Yotsuya ANNEX!
It was the 2nd time to eat donmaru.I bought a zukemaguro-don(tuna pickled in soy sauce) last time, and was really delicious!!
And this time I bought a Lomi Lomi salmon-don. It's like Hawaiian taste.I think the women would like its taste;) And after all, it's really reasonable!!!Why don't you have a lunch there?

By the way, are you looking for an office space in central Tokyo?
Our serviced offices for 1~2 people are now available at Yotsuya Business Garden and Yotsuya ANNEX!!Please feel free to contact us. A quick tour is available!

Yotsuya Business Garden:03-3358-1913
Business Garden Yotsuya ANNEX:03-5366-4700

Have a nice weekend!

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