Oct 25, 2016

What you can get at "danchu festival"       

Hi, everyone!

Do you know blue & red eggs organically grown in Tohoku Bokujo?

You can get them at the event "danchu festival" in Takashimaya department store, Tagawa store.  

The event is a collaboration with the gourmet magazine "danchu" and will be held from 10/26 - 10/31 at 6th floor.  They will be open from 10:00 am - 20:00 pm.

Food and drink you can get there are selected by danchu from all over Japan!
With those special food and drinks, Tohoku Bokujo's eggs will be sold.
It is a good chance to try them!

Why are they called blue and red egg?

Becuase "Asunaro" chickens grew in Tohoku Bokujo lay eggs which shell color looks blue like the photo below!!

Their eggs are rich and creamy and a percentage of the white and the yolk is half half.

                                              ** half of a dozen for 1,944 yen 

In contrast, red eggs look like these.

"Goto" chickens lay red eggs like a picture below.
They taste mild and no bitterness.

** half a dozen for 1,296 yen 

The chickens are grown in a good healthy environments.

No stress or lack of exercise.

Don't you want to try blue and red eggs?

Let's get them at the event starting tomorrow!!!

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