Sep 20, 2016

Weekend getaways(6) TOYAMA

Hi, everyone!

This is the last post of Kanazawa & Toyama on my blog.

After taking a water-bus, I went to an old observatory located along with the canal.

Inside of the observatory.

It is old and doesn't have an elevator, you have to take 100 steps to the top.

There! I took steps and finally got to the top!

This is the view from the observatory. 

You can see Tateyama mountain range from this observatory if the weather is clear enough.

I walked to a tram station from the observatory.

Most of the shops were unfortunately closed but this liquor(sake) shop was open.

The liquor shop has its own seller.

You can feel the long history by just looking at these buildings.

I got to the tram station.

Taking around 20 minutes to Toyama station by the tram.

Unlike the old types of the tram station, the tram itself is very modern!

P.S.    You can tray several sake for tasting for 200 yen each at one of the shops directly connected from the station! 

Thank you for reading!

Have a nice week!!

<Shibuya Business Garden>

TEL: 03-6892-1111
FAX: 03-6892-1151

Office Hours
Weekdays: 9:00 to 20:00
Saturday: 9:00 to 14:00
Sunday and Holidays: closed

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