Sep 6, 2016

Weekend getaways(4) TOYAMA  

Hi, everyone!

In Kanazawa, I made a critical mistake that I missed booking one day bus tour going to Notohanto area.

Can't believe I did that.

Now what should I do?

I came up with an idea of stopping by Toyama on my way back to Tokyo.

Here I am at Toyama station.

Some kind of Shaved ice statue(?) at the station welcoming people from outside.

The temperature was as high as yesterday, and it wasn't air conditioned.

I wonder how long this ice will remain as it is.

By the way, Toyama is famous for fresh seafood.

Toyama bay is located on the north shore, and it borders Ishikawa and Toyama prefectures.

These sushi samples of the popular fish especially in Toyama were displayed at the train station.  

Don't they look so real?

Well, I usually do not eat row fish, but I fell in love with white shrimp which is a special seafood in Toyama bay.

I kept eating white shrimp for my lunch and supper.

The one in front of the picture below is firefly squid which is also a specialty of Toyama.

It tastes good with sake if you drink alcohol.

My lunch of the day.

White shrimp sashimi bowl with small potion of fried white shrimp and white shrimp cracker

My supper of the day.

These are the super fresh sushi.  

They are totally row but I did not hesitate to eat them at all.
(Again, white shrimp on the right.)

If I could live in this city, I would eat these super fresh sushi every day.

There is no substitue for freshness!

The desert of the day.

A cup of seasonal mixed fruits! 
Fresh and naturally sweet:)

I am so stuffed and satisfied with what I ate today:P

Continue to my next blog.

Thank you for reading and have a nice rest of the week!

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