Sep 13, 2016

Weekend getaways(5) TOYAMA

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Continuing from my last blog that I decided to spend a half day in Toyama, I took a water-bus from Toyama Kansui Park to Iwase.

The entrance of the park!

The symbolic bridge of the park.

You can go up to the two towers and enjoy the view from there.

The landscape from the tower.

A new museum of Toyama is under construction.

In front of the museum, there is a restaurant where you can have french cuisine supervised by iron chef, Hiroyuki Sakai.

Let's take a water-bus from here.

This small red water-bus is made in the U.S, and it is powered by electricity.

Here is the famous Nakajima Rock Gate, the water elevator.

The gate is build in 1934 and is in the same style as locks used in the Panama Canal with two pairs of lock gates to adjust water level.

The back gate is closing after we moved into the water elevator section.

The gate is looking very heavy.

Water-bus can be transported from upper side of the canal by opening and closing the two gates.

The small house on the wall is the control center to open and close the gates.

Why does the control center look like a house?
It had been used as a house to live for the person who controls the gates.
He could work and had a life here with his family according to the guide of the water-bus.

You can see the water level is now lower by checking the color of the wall.

When the water level is completely adjusted, the front gate opens.

It it kind of cute to see the two old men operating the boat together like twins!

Here is a big used truck waiting to be exported to overseas.

This truck has a huge photo of a famous Japanese rock singer on its body, and this may be the reason that this truck has been waiting in this space more than a year.

Somebody help this truck moving out of this place, please!

Other used cars and trucks are replaced on a regular basis.

The canal leads us to Toyama bay.

Unfortunately, we couldn't see Tateyama mountain range on this day.

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