May 18, 2016

London Bus in Shimonoseki

Hi, This is Ryoko from Shimbashi Business Garden.

Did you enjoy your "Gloden week holiday"?
I went back to my hometown Shimonoseki as usual.

There is a small amusement park and I show you my favourite place!

The London Bus!!

Shimonoseki was the first Japanese city operating a Routemaster bus on a regular basis.
London council decided to give their former models as they switched to the new ones.

See you on next Wednesday.


【Shimbashi Business Garden News】
A room for one person will be available from the 10th of Jun.

37,800yen(tax included)

Included services are...
・Your own number and fax number
・Business address
・Available for Company registration
・Mail/Package/Fax receiving service 
・Free high speed Internet
・Utilities/Maintenance free
・Cleaning service of common space
・Display of company name

・Telephone answering service(English/Japanese) is NOT included.

To find more information, please call↓
Shimbashi Business Garden TEL: 03-3459-0233

Shimbashi Business Garden
5-25-1 Shimbashi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0004
TEL:03-3459-0233 FAX:03-3459-0235(Outside of Japan:+81-3-3459-0233)

-Office Hours-
Weekdays 9:00-20:00
(Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays):Closed

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