Dec 9, 2014

Mother's Recipe

Hello everyone! This is Takashima from Business Garden.

What food do you think of when you hear Japanese food? I guess most of you probably think of Sushi, and so do I. But what the Japanese eat in a everyday life is of course not only Sushi but various kinds of food just like the Americans don't eat hamburgers everyday :)

Last Friday, I suddenly wanted to eat some family-style Japanese dishes just like my mother cooked me when I was little. The first dish that came up in mind was a salt-grilled Salmon. I also cooked some other appetizers that were often seen in my lunch box in junior high school and here there are :)

Standing in the kitchen and cooking my mother's recipe, I really admired and cherished what she has been doing for the family for years (because I don't think I can do this EVERYDAY...).

Anyways, we only have a month left in this year, but we're doing special hourly office rental offers up until the 29th of this month! So please check us out online! :)


We are now offering an Hourly Office Rental service at Shibuya Business Garden!
It's only 310 yen/hour for a single office for 1 person and 620 yen per hour for a double office for 2 persons!!

The rental fee includes:

- High-speed internet
- Power outlets
- Desk and chair
- Refrigerator, microwave, electric pot available to use in the common area
- Outside food and drinks are OK

The application is very simple two steps!

Step One: Walk in or contact us by phone or from website for booking.
Step Two: Fill in a simple application form on the day that you're using the office
(Photo ID is required)

Plus, it's located in about 3 minutes from JR Shibuya Station!
Perfect private space when you need a place to work during your business trips, to charge your smartphones and laptops when being out of office, to read books and newspapers while having lunch in a quiet place, and etc.

For booking, please contact us at 03-6892-1111 or visit us ONLINE!

Have a nice week!

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