Dec 10, 2014

Delivery service for sending parcels

Hello, everyone.
Business Garden can handle delivery services for sending parcels as a TA-Q-BIN Agency.

TA-Q-BIN is a Yamato Transport corporation's delivery service.
Yamato Transport corporation is one of the biggest transport company.
In Japan, almost of Convenience stores provide this services as agencies.

This services make satisfied our customers, because they don't need to go to a convenience store.

They can receive their parcels here, and send them also at our office in Business Garden.

Today, we received the next years calendar from Yamato Transport!

Their company’s corporate identity logo is  a cute black cat.

Yamato Transport website


We have several offices for one/two persons available at Business Garden Yotsuya Annex!
If you are looking for an serviced officetelephone answering service, or mailbox service, please feel free to contact us. A quick tour is available!

Business Garden Yotusya Annex
Tel 03-5366-4700 Fax 03-5366-4701(Out side of Japan : +81-3-5366-4700)

Office Hours
Weekdays 9:00-20:00

Saturday, Sunday, and National holidays : Closed

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