Jun 7, 2013

Hello, every one. This is Maiko Yamada from Shimbashi Business Garden.

Rainy season has started already, but... No raining recently.

The other day, I visited Shiodome area and took a walk to Ginza.

Do you know where it is? I went to Hamarikyu.

It was so hot on that day like summer.

This is summerhouse. The azaleas were blooming:)

After visiting Hamarikyu, took a walk to Jyogai in Tsukiji.
I ate domburi for lunch ! It was so delicious;)

After that, visited Tsukiji Honganji.
It was so beautiful like compromise between East and West.

I felt like sightseeing on that day. With good weather, I refreshed a lot;)

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