Dec 19, 2012

Today's Shibuya lunch

Hi, everyone! How are you?
This is Shibuya Business Garden.

What's your favorite cuisine?
Mine is ethnic food!

Today, I went out to Com Pho (Vietnamese food) for lunch.
This place is located on B2 in Tokyu Plaza, and Business Garden staff's favorite!

I had spicy rice noodle with fresh spring roll and almond jelly.

If you like fresh bean sprouts, coriander and bits of fried tempura batter,
you can put them on top of the noodle.

It's me who took almost half of the container of fresh bean sprouts and coriander!
I love how they taste with spicy rice noodle.

I have too much appetite and found out I have gained 5kg with in a year.
Noooo it just cares me when I think about how much more I'll eat during this coming
holiday season. hahaha....

See you on my next blog.

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