Dec 3, 2012

Let's study "Japanese custom"! -New Year!-

Hello, This is Yuki @ Shinjuku Business Garden.

How was your weekend?
It was freezing cold in Tokyo during the weekend!

I went for the class which teaches about Aroma therapy!
It was such a good opportunity knowing about the great power
that nature has!

Well, last time I wrote about Japanese way of cerebrating Christmas.
Today, I will write bout "New Year"!

New Year eve(12/31) and new year(1/1) are the big event for Japanese people.

There are many different way of cerebrating depending on the each district
...but I will introduce you mine!
I am from Shiga prefecture which is in Kansai many of people from here
are cerebrating in the same way..I think.

On the New year eve...
All the family members are busy with doing the cleaning up.
We have to take away all the dust from past year and prepare for
coming year!

In the evening, mother is busy with preparing new year dishes.
Father and kids are watching special TV program for new year eve.

Bit before 0:00 am, we start eating Soba noodle! It is called
"Toshikoshi Soba"(年越しそば)

On the new year morning, we do not greet in the usual way(Ohayogozaimasu),
we say "Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu"(means Happy new year!)

and during January 1st to 3rd, we usually eat Osechi dishes(special dishes for
new year).

On this day, new year greeting cards will be arrive from relatives and friends, and
kids will get Otoshidama New Year's gift money!

There are so many fun events during New year!
I can't wait the new year day coming in 1 month---!


Let's study "Japanese custom"! series
No.1 -Year-end gift -giving tradition-

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