Dec 11, 2012

Business Garden Optional service -Report service-

Hello, This is Yuki @ Shinjuku Business Gareden.

How are you?
My biggest problem I have that I can't stop eating sweets and snacks---!
and gaining my weight day by day...
Autumn and winter are just sooo best season to enjoy eating (><)

By the way, do you know this Japanese snacks?

This snack is called "Eel pie (Unagi Pie)".
It contains powder of extract of eel's bone, but it doesn't taste like eel at all!
It tastes sooo good :D

Last week, I wrote about our office equipment as one our optional service.
This week, I will write about telephone and e-mail report service.

The price of our office space involves "Phone answering service"
means when you are out of office, we can pick up the phone,
tell caller that you are out and keep the message for you!
You can check if you have any messages by calling us or by stopping by
our office.

BUT! If you would like us to let you know as soon as we receive the message,
you can add our "report service"!
If you would like to receive the report by telephone,
the monthly payment will be 5,250 yen.
If you would like to receive the report by e-mail,
the monthly payment will be 3,150 yen.

You can add this service anytime you would like to!

See you next week!


Business Garden Optional Service Series
No.1 -External Phone Line-
No.2 -Meeting room-
No.3 -Office equipment-

-Shinjuku Business Garden-
K-1blds 3F, 7-2-6 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, 160-0023 Japan
TEL 03-6890-1111
FAX 03-6890-1151(Outside of Japan;+81-3-6890-1111)
-Office Hour-
Weekdays 9:00-20:00
Saturday 9:00-20:00
(Sunday and Holiday: Closed)

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