Oct 3, 2012

One coin lunch  

Hi everyone! How are you today?
This is Yotsuya Business Garden.

When the hot summer's gone and fall comes, everyone's appetite will increase day by day.
We have varieties of seasonal foods for fall, for example, chestnuts, pacific saury, matsutake mushroom etc.

Following my big appetite, I had seafood donburi for lunch today.

Sasabune DONMAR'S, there are many kinds of seafood donburi and they are all 520yen!

The cost performance is pretty good, don't you think?
Moreover, their price go down to 500yen on 10th, 20th, and 30th every month:P

There are many places you can have delicious lunch in Yotsuya.
It's kind of fun to find a new place for lunch:)

If you are Sasimi & Sushi lover, you will like it.

See you on my next blog.

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