Sep 16, 2012

Vietnam Fes in Yoyogi park☆

Hi. How are you?
This is Yuki from Yotsuya Busines Garden.

How's your weekend??

Today, I went to Vietnam's Festival in Yoyogi park!

There were  so many people and lots of Vietnamese food to try!

I tried "Pho" which is a famous Vietnamese rice noodles.

Yoyogi park often hold festivals from different countries.
So you should check sometime!
I want to go again!

By the way, have you ever seen these people before??

You can see them in Yoyogi Park!
They are people who like old rock music and enjoying dancing!
So many foreigners surround them to watch and take pictures.

Actually, about 20 years ago, there used to be up to 2000 people 
dancing in Harajuku, which we call "Takenoko zoku".

Enjoy your last day of the holiday!

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