Sep 4, 2012

Oil Paper

Hello, everyone. How are you doing?
This is Rumi from Shibuya Business Garden.

The ever hottest August is finally over and we are already in September.
Yay!! The heat is predicted to continue up to mid-September though.

Have you ever heard of "oil paper"?
For those who don't have any idea about oil paper, they are special papers 
to absorb oil on face. We consider shiny or glossy face with oil don't look great.
So before we re-powder our noses, we use them in order to keep our skin smooth 
and dry(in a good sense) instead of glossy.

I don't know what methods are used in abroad, but we use oil paper 
for the matter.
Just apply a piece of oil paper softly on your face, and it will absorb your oil quickly.
I got a very good one from one of our staffs as a gift and was horrified to find out
 how much oil I produce on my face. How come I can be so oily(-_-;)
But thank God I have good oil paper, so I can live with my newly found problem.

You can buy them anywhere in Japan such as drug stores, convenience stores, super markets.
But if you really want to get a special one, Kyoto produced oil paper are excellent. 
Please try if you have chance, I am sure you would be surprised to find out how oily you really are!!( kidding;))

Hope you have a smooth week.

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