Aug 28, 2012


Hi, everyone.
How are you?
This is Rumi from Shibuya Business Garden.
Can't believe August is almost over! Time definitely is frying.
I can't wait to enjoy fall weather. I love the dry air and clear sky of Japanese fall.

Well, the ending of summer means summer stuff final sales!
Yay, I got this sunglasses less than 60% of the original price.

Isn't it cool? It definitely cover up my big part of face so I don't need to be embarrassed
without putting make up on:)
I've wanted this kind of design for a long.

I was happy to wear it for the first time right after I bought it, and guess what I found!!??
My tiny nose can't sustain or support the glasses at a supposed position.
Oh, mom I love you but I wish you had given me a better nose!
How I can wear this brand new and cool glasses without nose to support it?
 If you have same problem and have a nice solution, please let me know!

Hope you have a nice week.
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