Aug 14, 2012


Hello, how are you?
This is Rumi from Shibuya Business Garden.

We, Business Garden, are actually in summer holiday.
I'm staying at my parents' for one night tonight.
There is nothing better than staying at parents' and behave like a kid again;)

This time I want to share my 2 years old nephew's treasure on which he takes
huge pride!
Ta-dah!! Beetles. 


Japanese kids love to catch and keep them as pet.
As a kid, I of course used to have them every summer and showed off every visitors to my home.....(what an annoying kid I was.......)
It's funny while Japanese kids consider beetles super cool, most kids in other countries don't think so or even hate them.

I still like them even now. I will tell you the secret how to catch them.
Just put  a couple pieces of water melon outside before you go to bed, and next morning, it is highly likely
you find one or two beetles eating the water melon especially if you live in country side.
Please try!

Hope you have a good week.

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