Oct 8, 2018


This is yotsuya business garden.

Lately I am going to Yayoiken near yotsuya business garden & business garden yotsuya annex.

I ordered grilled saba a set lunch.

My favarite japanese grilled fish is a salmon.

But saba too i like.

This team i like japanese foods why i don,t know.

I will be fine my condition.

Yotsuya Business Garden
2-14 Yotsuya Sanei-cho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,
160-0008 Japan
TEL 03-3358-1913
FAX 03-3358-1914
(Outside of Japan: +81-3-3358-1913)

- Office Hours -
Weekdays 9:00 - 20:00
(Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: Closed)

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