Sep 16, 2014


Hello everyone! This is Takashima from Business Garden.

Have you ever heard Katanuki? Probably you haven't. Actually I didn't know what it was until recently either.

Katanuki is a traditional Japanese game in which we carve a very small and thin molded sheet made from flour or sugar in the shape of animals, flowers, and other lovely designs by using needles. The molded sheets are very easy to be broken, and we get a prize if we carve it without breaking it.

It is usually sold at 100 yen per sheet at Japanese festivals, and children enjoy doing it for a prize. The tulip shaped sheet, for example, is said to be the most difficult one, and if you can carve it without breaking it, the prize would be 2,000 yen!

I got a box of Katanuki recently, and I've been doing it whenever I have a little time to kill ;)

Have a good week!

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