Nov 12, 2013


Hello everyone! This is Takashima.

It's been getting chilly day by day, and I'm excited that the winter has come finally!

I would like to introduce one of our rooms on campaign at Yotsuya Business Garden today.

The room for one person is now offered at the special price 35,000 yen per month!
The price includes the rent for a furnished room with a desk and a chair, electricity, high-speed internet, a mail receiving service, and a cleaning service for the common area.

You can also add our phone answering service to the room for an additional 4,800 yen per month!

As shown in the picture, the room has a window and is located on the first floor for you to get an easy access from the entrance as well : )

It's a limited offer so why don't you call us at 03-3358-1913 or contact us from Our website!

Have a great rest of the week! : )

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