Nov 12, 2013

AEON LIQUOR Shop in Yotsuya

This is Meg from Business Garden Yotsuya Annex.

Last week I found a new shop opened near Yotsuya Sanchome station.
It is one of general merchandise store, Aeon group's liquor shop.

This shop is very wide, clean, stylish.
They have wines, sakes, beers, and some imported foods, pastas, pasta sauces,etc!

It is rare service in Japan, we can drink these bottles of wine we bought in AEON LIQUOR in some restaurants and bars in Yotsuya.

I think it is a very good system, because you can drink your favorite wine always,and it is good cost performance even if you pay the carry-on fee of bottle of wine 

This is a restaurants' map, you can drink them here.

Let's try!


Business Garden Yotusya Annex
Tel 03-5366-4700 Fax 03-5366-4701(Out side of Japan : +81-3-5366-4700)

Office Hours
Weekdays 9:00-20:00
Saturday, Sunday, and National holidays : Closed

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  1. One of my Japanese friends told me that Aeon Liquor products are top notch. I hope they decide to expand globally.
    -Global Venue Mix