Feb 6, 2013

Sato no yado by Uohatsu   

What a freezing weather today!
Hi, this is Shibuya Business Garden.

It was kind of warm till yesterday, isn't it?
Hope we will not have as much snow as 15th of January.

One of the seasonal fish during winter is beryx splendens.
A small restaurant "Uohatsu" in Kichijyoj run by a fish market
has always a waiting line.

The restaurant is located on a resident street, so that you easily miss it.
I wanted to visit there every time I pass by, and finally I had a chance to!

Here is the seasonal menu in front of the restaurant.

I waited on the line for 30 minutes and finally had beryx splendens boiled in soy sauce.
The old lady on the line told me that there were only 14 seats inside.
She is a big fan of this restaurant and often comes for lunch time.

The fish, of course, was tasty!

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