Feb 27, 2013

Amrita Shokudo

Hi this is Shibuya Business Garden.

Can't believe February is almost over.
As the freezing weather continues, everyone can't wait for the spring to come!

Today, I would like to introduce you Amrita Shokudo, a Thai restaurant, in Kichijoji.
As a Thai food lover, I have to say that this restaurant serves the best Thai food around this area.

It doesn't look like a resutaurant, does it?
I forgot to take a picture before lunch time, so this is after a restaurant staff
closed the entrance.

Very oriental looks inside.
Many families with kids, and Kichijoji madams.

Lunch special menu.
It comes with salad & soup bar.

I had rice noodle and green curry, and all of this is just 1,050 yen!
Their cost performance is pretty good.
I was so stuffed with these:P

One thing to be carefull is that they close at 14:45 sharp.
I went 14:15 and had only 30 minutes to enjoy the food, so I suggest you to
enter before 14:00.

I'm adding Amrita Shokudo to my favorite Thai restaurants such as Jasmine Thai in Yotsuya and Baan Thai in Kobe:-)

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