Jan 21, 2013

Small Presents in Japan

Hello, I am Meg in Business Garden Yotsuya annex.

In Japan, many people send flowers at various situations.
Of course, some Japanese men sends flowers to their wives or girlfriends,  at  her birthday, at wedding anniversary.

I think it is less occasion, comparing to Europe and the United States.
We send flowers at some events, for example, Mother's day, Respect-for-the-Aged Day, etc.

In business, Japanese people sends flowers in some cases.
Do you know what kinds of cases we send flowers?

One case is when the new offices or new shops opened.
When Business Garden Yotsuya annex opened, we received the flowers.
The other case is at good bye ceremony which someone leaves their office.

At the beginning of January, One of my friends gave me a pink rose at New Year party recently.
I was so happy! (^^)!

Megumi Ito

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