Jan 6, 2013

Japanese style New Year

Hi, This is Yuki from Business Garden Yotsuya Annex.

Happy New year!

How did you spend New Year's Eve and New Year's Day?

I think every county celebrates New Year's differently.

In Japan, we go to Shrines or Temples to make wishes.

I went to " Kawasaki Daishi " which is a popular temple for HATSUMOUDE (the first visit to a place of worship in the new year).

We usually go to shrines or temples and give money in order to make a wish. We put the money in big collection boxes located directly at the front of the shrine or temple, then we make our wish.

Also we get OMIKUJI. which are random fortunes written on strips of paper.

In Japan, we mostly spend New Year with our family at home and have OSECHI, which is traditional Japanese New Year food.

In your country, how do you spend New year???

I hope this year will be good for everyone!!

Yuki from Yotsuya Annex

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