Jul 31, 2012

Salty rice malt

Hello, everyone.
How are you?
This is Rumi from Shibuya Business Garden.
How was your weekend?
Aren't you having sleepless nights thanks to the ongoing Olympic game?
The time difference sure gives us hard time if we really want to watch
a game on live. It's worth every bit your effort though:)

My topic today is not as exciting as the ongoing Olympic game.
Sorry about that.

Have you heard about salty rice malt(Shio-koji)?
It's a Japanese traditional fermented seasoning made of rice, water and rice malt, that it!!
The super simple seasoning has taken the whole nation by storm since 2011.
You can marinade any kind of meat, fish or vegetable in it. You can easily find how
tender and flavorful meat and fish become after 1 night marinade in that.
Also, as it is fermented stuff, it would condition your digestive system, improve your skin,
 and is said to be effective for anti-aging to boot!!!!!

It looks not cute which was the reason I didn't dare to try
for a long time, but I got one pack of salty rice malt last week and found myself loving it!!
So far, I marinaded chicken and broccoli and result was amazing.
I sure keep buying this magical seasoning.

You can get them any supermarket in Japan these days.
Please give it a try. I promise you would like it:)

Hope you have a smooth week.

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