Jul 6, 2012

Be worried about my clothings...

Hello, everyone. This is Maiko Yamada from the Yotsuya Business Garden.

Do you always place clothings in the sunshine?

Recently, everytime I get them in from outside,
I found that cracks of birds and insects on my clothings.

I noticed the reason is fabric softner!!!
Because of good smell, they have confused clothings with flowers, maybe.

I set "Mushi konars" or dangled CD's, however, it didn't work anyway.
I have to rewash my clothings...... (;_;)
I found the website that was being introduced "Magical Cover", which cover clothings.
It remove dust, pollen, cracks, and of course, rains, it costs around \3,000( 2.1m×1.5m ).
I think this is a little small.  What do you think? 
Now, I am still thinking to buy those stuff...

Please teach me if you have good ideas:)

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