Jul 7, 2011

Tokyo New Trend ⑥ Korean Town in Shin-Okubo


I am Meg at Yotsuya Busienss Garden.

Today’s theme is Shin-Okubo Korean Town.

This area was made by new comers from Korea after the World War 2.

The center of this town is ‘Shokuan Street’ in Shin-Okubo

It has been one of most active areas since 2004 Korean boom.

There are many shops which sell the Korean pop stars’ pictures and Korean cosmetics

which are popular by cheap, but high qualityI visited this area for the first time at last weekend.

I was very surprised at a lot of big Hangul signs , not Japanese ones.

There are many stands, for example ,Hottoku , Korean rice cakes, and Korean interesting souvenirs.

I thought as if I were on the street in Myondon of Seoul.

I went to a supermarket named ‘Kankoku Hiroba’ which means Korean square.

I was excited to see many unfamiliar Korean foods, Korean sausage, sow's ears

I tried a Chinese sausage, but I have never tried Korean one.

One of my Korean friends told me that ‘Japanese people think Korean dish is grilled beef,

But Korean people like to eat vegetables .’

I went to Korean restaurant in Seoul, I was surprised to eat many vegetables dishes.

I would like to learn how to cook Korean dishes in the near future.


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