Dec 7, 2019

1 day trip to Nikko

Hello, this is Yotsuya Business Garden.

As title, I went to Nikko by the local train last week.
It was the second time since I went to there with elementary school trip.

I just walked to Nikko Toshogu after arriving at Tobu Nikko station.

The first photo is entrance gate of Toshogu.
You can enter by the trii gate for free.

This is a famous gate, Yomei-mon.
There are a lot of gold decoration and sculpture
on the gate.

The third one is grave of Ieyasu Tokugawa,
political leader in the Edo period.
It's the top of Toshogu and the its face is
direction to Tokyo (formerly Edo)

Unfortunately, autumn leaves had already done because of high altitude.
Actually, I wanted to go a hot spring, but it was impossible to go to more
mountain side on same day.
If I have an opportunity, I want to go an 1 day trip in Kanto area.

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