May 30, 2019

Shin Osaka Station

Hello!! This is Shinjuku Business Garden.

Today I recommend you Osaka food Restaurant at Shin Osaka Staion
Osaka is famous for its food.
Osaka’s people take great pride in their love of their local cuisine.
"AJI NOREN" is food court where you can eat several types foods at once.

"Takoyaki" is the classic Osaka snack
'KUKURU'='くくる'is famous Takoyaki Shop.

"Kushikatsu" are skewered kebabs of meat, seafood, or vegetables
which are breaded and deep fried to a crispy golden finish
before being served up with dipping sauces .
Kushikatsu Daruma still serves kushikatsu today

"Udon"  are thick Japanese noodles made of wheat flour.
Enjoy the flavour of  "Dashi" (broth) which has not changed since our establishment in 1946.

Please enjoy your stay in Osaka!!

Shinjuku Business Garden
K-1bldg 3F,7-2-6 Nishi-shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan 160-0023
TEL:03-6890-1111 FAX:03-6890-1151(Outside of Japan:+81-3-6890-1111)

-Office Hours-

Weekdays 9:00-20:00
Saturday   9:00-14:00
(Sundays and Holidays):Closed


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