Nov 27, 2018

United Nations Visitor Tour in New York

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Our client told me about taking a visitor tour at United Nations in NY last year.

I had a chance to visit New York last month,  and made a reservation for a visitor tour in Japanese!

The tour is held several times a day, mostly English, though other languages are also available.

The United Nations head quarter is located on 801 First Avenue at the corner of 45th Street.

You need to go through a strict security check before going in.

This object which is at the entrance is a work of Carl Fredrik Reutersw√§rd, a Swiss artist.

It has been said that Yoko Ono asked him to make this after John Lennon was murdered and it was donated from the Luxembourg to United Nations in 1988.

The famous General Assembly Hall as you see on TV.

The Security Council Chamber.

Little windows on both sides are where the interpreters work during the conference.

30 Human Rights are on the wall.

This is important to everyone!

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