Aug 27, 2018

Turkish cuisine♪


This is yotsuya business garden.

Today i went to lunch at BARIS KEBAB STAND of Turkish cuisine.
(Turky,s owner is stay here always.)

This time is second time and last time i was ordered beef and rice set

but this time i was ordered chicken kabab sand.



Kabab sand♪

Salad and soup were yummy but

As I thought kabab sand the most yummy^^
(This chicken is halal)

Turkish cuisine is sometimes referred to as one of the three great cuisines 
in the world.

So everything cuisines is delicious♪

You can eat a lot of delicious foods in Yotsuya^^

Yotsuya Business Garden
2-14 Yotsuya Sanei-cho, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,
160-0008 Japan
TEL 03-3358-1913
FAX 03-3358-1914
(Outside of Japan: +81-3-3358-1913)

- Office Hours -
Weekdays 9:00 - 20:00
(Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: Closed)

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