Nov 28, 2017

The Books   

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Running out of the idea of what to post today.

Back in 7 years, I brought these from the Nuseum of Natural American History, one of my favorite museums.

I should have been there from the beginning of the day.

By the time I got there, it was 2 hours before the closing.

I needed more time to look around every floor.

One of my favorite writers is Amy Tan.

Since I saw the movie called "The Joy Luck Club" based on her novel,
I have been a big fan of hers.

The movie is a great one and the book is my favorite of all time.

It's about the relationships between four Chinese American women and their Chinese mothers.

Differences between the generation of four women who migrated from China, and lived their lives of suffering and the generation of their four daughters who were born and raised as Americans.

It begins with the four Chinese American women living in San Francisco, playing mahjong and tell their stories.

It's time to look for some books to read during winter vacation!

Have a nice rest of the week.

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