Mar 2, 2017

ITALY2016 Life style⑤

Hi there,this is Satoe from Shinjuku business garden.

Do you like Italian foods?
Yes I do!I think everybody like it.

But Japanese Italian and traditional Italian foods are different.
Usually Italian meals are 3 or 4 courses.

1.antipasto(before the meal)
Often they have salami or ham

2.primo(first course)
Pasta,risotto,gnocchi or soup
This time I had cheese and some mushroom gnocchi.

3.secondo(second course)
Kind of main dish like a grilled meat,steak or fish.
This is roast rabbit with polenta,
Huge dish of grilled veg came with this dish I didn't take photo though.

After these dishes they usually serve sweets,coffee,
and strong liqours(Grappa,amaro etc)

Each province has each foods in Italy,
If you visit in Italy,I suggest you to try foods in many places.

Seeya Ciao ciao
Our one person room will be available at Shinjuku Business Garden!
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