Dec 13, 2016

Taiyaki season has come!    

Hi, everyone!

It has been almost a year since I posted "taiyaki special."

Yes! I've waited enough for this season!

What kind of drink you think tastes good with taiyaki??

I think maccha au lait is the best matching drink with it.

Can you guess what is hidden inside of taiyaki?

It's the baked sweet potato!

Oh, I am filled with full of happiness everytime I eat this traditional Japanese cute-looking taiyaki. 

There is even a book about taiyaki.

The auther of the book is fascinated by taiyaki and ate around hundreds of taikyaki stores in Tokyo.

Then he wrote a book about taiyaki.
You see only taiyaki in every page of the book.

I have sort of understanding about a person who is deeply attaracted by taiyaki and a wrote a book about.

Thanks for reading!

Have a good week!

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