Nov 1, 2016

Unseasonable shaved ice 

Hi, everyone!

It's the beginning of November!
Can you believe only 2 months left til the year 2016 ends?

It is out of season but today's blog is about Japanese style of shaved ice I had during the summer.

The master who makes the shaved ice is picky about choosing the materials he uses for the ice.
I mean, he really is.
He doesn't make the ice when he couldn't get the good quality fruits he wanted.

This is grape shaved ice using pure grape juice syrup and fresh muscats on top.

This is black honey syrup with milk & soybean flour and wall nuts on top.

You may hear "kinako(soybean flour)" and "kuromitsu(black honey)" in Japanese traditional sweets shops.

This tastes very much like those traditional sweets.

This is melon & milk.

Sliced fresh melon on top and inside of the shaved ice.

You can enjoy the natural melon flavor with this ice!

The last one is amazake & milk topped with almonds and small rice crackers.

Amazake is a Japanese traditional sweet drink with no alcohol made from fermented rice.
You can drink it either cold or hot.  (You can also make amazake with alcohol.)

This home made amazake & milk was surprisingly delicious.

I had no idea these almonds and rice crackers give a good flavor to the ice.
I wish I could have had it at least one more time during the season.

Well, have to wait till next summer.

Thanks for reading.

See you next week!

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