Dec 27, 2011

Nice to meet you.

Hello, everyone. How was your weekend? I had a big birthday party for my dearest nephew who turned 2 on the Christmas eve. This is Rumi at Shinjuku Business Garden.

This is my very first time to write this blog. In fact, I have just joined this company last week. Today, let me introduce about myself to you all.

The place I was born and raised: Chiba prefecture.( I left Chiba right after my graduation from high school. So I no longer consider myself as a Chiba citizen;))

Family: Father, Mother, an older sister and most importantly my wonderful husband

Hobby: Reading books( I love reading in English), Taking a walk. ( I take a walk from 5 am!)

Countries I MUST visit: Poland(currently I am planning to visit Poland this summer), Brazil, Sweden, etc.

Study abroad: Bangor in Maine, USA (take a look at the picture above)

Alcohol tolerance : less than baby

Favorite food: cheese, banana, soda( I prefer to drink diet version so that i feel less guilty;))

I have not met all of our customers yet, but I am SO excited to meet everyone and develop good relationships.

-Shinjuku Business Garden-

K-1blds 3F, 7-2-6 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, 160-0023 Japan

TEL 03-6890-1111

FAX 03-6890-1151(Outside of Japan;+81-3-6890-1111)

-Office Hour-

Weekdays 9:00-20:00

Saturday 9:00-14:00

(Sunday and Holiday: Closed)


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