Jan 27, 2011

Introduce Yotsuya

Hello, I am Meg in Yotsuya Business Garden.

Thank you very much for visiting our blog.

I would like to introduce Yotsuya area.

Yotsuya is located in a south part of Shinjuku.

It is one of the most convenient places to start a new business in Tokyo.

First of all, Yotsuya is located at a center of Tokyo business area.

You can use two JR lines and two metro lines.

It takes only a short time to get anywhere in Tokyo.

Secondly, there are several nice shops in Yotsuya station,

for example, a super market ‘Seijyo-Ishi ‘, which sells exclusive products and imported food, an upscale chocolate shop ‘Godiva’, and famous French bakery ’Paul’.

There are many nice restaurants, bars and café near the station.

Next time I will introduce some restaurants, you can try many other countries food in Yotsuya.

Any way I am sure that you like Yotsuya!

Yotsuya business garden is near Yotsuya station, only 5minuts’ walk, thought it is in a very quiet area.

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