Jan 21, 2019

NY's street vendor, HALAL GUYS!    

Hi, everyone!

This is Yotsuya Annex.

I would like to introduce "Halal guys", the most popular and delicious New York's street vendor!

There are many vendors on the streets of Manhattan, they have the best chicken(lamb) over rice.

You can find them at the corner of 53rd street and 6th Avenue but have to wait in the line for 15~30 minutes during lunch time.

Good thing was that I went there around 14:30 so not many people were waiting.

Here, I ordered the chicken and lamb combo for $8.

Deliciously spiced chicken and lamb on the rice.

Watch out for the little red sauce, it is extremely hot.
(White sauce is not hot at all.  It adds the mildness to the spiced meets.)

I walked several blocks from the vendor to the central park and ate it on the little rock I found near the entrance of the park!

It was a perfect weather to have late lunch outside!

I wish I could eat this plate again....There is nothing like this in Japan.

Have a good one!

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