Sep 1, 2017

Yotsuya`s nice restaurant!!

Hi, everybody!!
This is Machiko from Yotsuya Business Garden.

I went to a restaurant names La Beaute in Yotsuya with Yotsuya staff.
This restaurant locates really close to Yotsuya Business Garden!!

They serve hot pot(nabe) there.
There are 22 kinds of vegetables in this hot dish!!
Taste very good and makes your skin beautiful^^

They also serve very delicious ice cream!! I chose chocolate mint!!
It was super delicious!!
Why don`t you visit there when you come to Yotsuya Business Garden?

Have a great weekend!!

Yotsuya Business Garden8-37 Sanei-cho,
Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,160-0008 Japan

TEL  03-3358-1913FAX 03-3358-1914(Outside of Japan: +81-3-3358-1913)

- Office Hours -

Weekdays 9:00~20:00

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