Feb 13, 2014

Real ethnic Thai cuisine "Jasmine Thai" at Yotsuya

Hi, This is Ryoko from Yotsuya Business Garden.

Do you know there is a Thai restaurant which is very famous at Yotsuya?

There are some branches in Tokyo and the Yotsuya branch got the recognition of "Thai Select" from Thai Department of Export Promotion!

This time I went here with my friend and chose a "Jasmine course".

Look at this! How colourful!!

I think Thai cuisine has something similar to the Japanese one.
We can enjoy the meal at the first sight before we eat.

Shrimp Tom Yam!

Last one was Green Curry.
We were already full but ate all of them!
What a happy time to spend here.

It's only ¥3,500 and if you bring a drink coupon, you can get a first drink for free!

The HP is here.

See you on next Thursday!


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